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Living Colour

Vivid Transparent Pink Vinyl

Heavyweight LP $25.99

Release Date: 21/02/2020

Discs: 1

As one of the most influential rock groups in the late eighties, Living Colour proved that blending Hard Rock with Funk, Soul, Rap and Punk can be a very successful undertaking. Their debut Vivid (1988) took some time to build up steam, but eventually turned heads worldwide as the sheer quality of this album inevitably rose to the surface. A combination of intelligent lyrics dealing with personal emotions and social/political issues, laid on top of eleven groovy and diverse songs enriched by Vernon Reid’s monster riffs is what makes Vivid a highly powerful album. Vivid spawned the hits “Glamour Boys” and “Cult Of Personality”, which was awarded a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance in 1989.

Available as a limited edition of 1000 individually numbered copies on transparent pink coloured vinyl. The package includes an insert.


1. Cult of Personality
2. I Want to Know
3. Middle Man
4. Desperate People
5. Open Letter (To a Landlord)


1. Funny Vibe
2. Memories Can't Wait
3. Broken Hearts
4. Glamour Boys
5. What's Your Favorite Color? (Theme Song)
6. Which Way to America?